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Welcome to the website of the 5Rhythms organisation in the Netherlands.
On this website you will find information about the 5Rhythms, about Gabriëlle Roth, about training to teach the 5Rhythms and about qualified teachers in the Netherlands who teach at home and abroad.

The 5Rhythms organisation in the Netherlands was set up as Stichting de 5Ritmes Nederland in 2005. The organisation serves as a coordinating body for qualified teachers in the Netherlands and organises the monthly Sweat Your Prayers get-together in Utrecht. We hope to offer more national activities in the future.

Every year we donate income from Sweat Your Prayers to charity.
This year we could send 300 euro to: Let's Care for a project for girls in the Philippines to realise a better world without famine, poverty and injustice.

Gabriëlle Roth