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Sweat your Prayers

sweat“Sweat Your Prayers” (SYP) is a chance to dance the rhythms together with others. There are no instructions so you are simply free to dance. The teacher leading the session provides the music and creates a safe space.

Many people who dance the 5Rhythms regularly find it enjoyable and healing and a great way to get body and mind moving. It is not always easy to dance the 5Rhythms at home, so a SYP group gives you a chance to practice on a regular basis. It also gives you the opportunity to dance the rhythms with others and to experience the support and recognition and the sense of solidarity that comes from dancing together.

Since 1994 SYP groups have sprung up in various places in the Netherlands. The groups are led by qualified 5Rhythms teachers and are open to anyone who is enthusiastic about the 5Rhythms.

In Utrecht there is a national Sweat Your Prayers get-together every month. Dutch 5Rhythms teachers take it in turns to lead the group. Dancers come from all over the country to dance the rhythms as a community.

In 2006 we were able to donate € 750 of our National Sweat earnings to charity! It was donated to Dance4life: a worldwide project against Aids and HIV. More information: visit

Time: From 11:00 to 13:00 on a Sunday
Dates: see the calendar on the Dutch pages
Place: Sporthal de Hoogstraat, Rembrandtkade 10, Utrecht
Admission: € 10.00