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About Gabriëlle Roth

Gabrielle RothGabriëlle Roth has spent her life studying the 5Rhythms. She developed the 5Rhythms movement practice and has explored the power of movement and dance, poetry, song, meditation and experimental theatre. She inspires and has taught thousands of people and continues to give workshops all over the world.
Gabriëlle has recorded various CDs and has written three books – Maps to Ecstasy, Sweat Your Prayers and Connections, the five threads of intuitive wisdom. Maps to Ecstasy and Sweat Your Prayers have been translated into Dutch and are published as Dans het leven and Dansend naar extase. At the moment Gabriëlle’s latest book is only available in English.

Gabrielle died in October 2012 at the age of 72.

Jonathan Horan is Gabrielle Roth's son and closest collaborator. Jonathan has been immersed in the 5Rhythms practice throughout his life and continues to be a key catalyst in its evolution. He is a member of the core teaching faculty of both training and advanced work and teaches workshops of all levels around the world. He is the Executive Director of her international institute, 5Rhythms Global as well as the Director of The Moving Center School NYC.