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The 5Rhythms®

While dancing, moving and following the natural rhythms of the body Gabrielle Roth discovered and developed a practice she called the 5Rhythms – a moving meditation for everyone who loves to dance. A simple but profound form of movement that heals body, mind, heart and soul.

The 5Rhythms – flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness – follow each other in a natural sequence. Together they form a ‘wave’. They invite you to move, to listen to your body, to connect with your energy and to (re)discover your own unique expression.

The flowing rhythm invites you to move in fluid circular movements Follow your feet and open yourself to the impulses that arise from your body, until
staccato demands precision and clarity which become visible in the movements you make. Angles, lines and clearly defined movements pulsate through your body gradually leading you to chaos, where control loses its power leaving you no choice but to surrender yourself entirely to the dance. And then… your arms spread like wings, your heart opens and your view expands as the rhythm becomes lyrical and leads you to lightness. A dance that is as light as a feather eventually comes to rest in the quiet movements of stillness, in full acceptance of who you are.’

Each rhythm offers space and structure in which you seek your own unique expression and movement. There are no set steps you need to learn.
Each rhythm is a teacher that will present you with all kinds of possibilities and challenge you. The rhythms reveal your habitual patterns and help you to smile at them. As your practice deepens, you start to recognise and explore unknown territory in yourself.

Dancing the 5Rhythms is relaxing and enjoyable. It puts you in touch with your power and your natural exuberance. The rhythms offer you the opportunity to reconnect with your natural vitality, for anything that is stuck cannot breathe and stagnates, whereas that which moves and breathes can grow and blossom.
The 5Rhythms help you to find freedom in your movement. They catalyse your ability to heal yourself and lead you to states of deepened awareness. The practice of the 5Rhythms is an expressive, enjoyable, meditative and transformational way of connecting with your own sense of purpose.

Anyone can dance the 5Rhythms – it is impossible to get it wrong. The music – which varies from rock and roll to classical melodies, pumping house music, Irish ballads, jazzy grooves, African percussion and heartfelt songs – constantly invites and supports your dance.

Dancing the 5Rhythms is a practice that is suitable for people of all ages – for people who move with abandon and people who move with caution, for people who are supple and people who are stiff, for people with bad backs and broken hearts...
Everyone is welcome. Together we dance until ‘the dance dances us’…

Come and dance!