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Mia Arneric • Waves met Mia

Mia ArnericIf I would believe in astrology I would have told you that I am a Gemini. I talk a lot, and gesticulate, I belong to the air and get bored by everything pretty fast. Except for 5Rhythms, that deep and grounding practice, which gets me close to my real self every time I step in dance, for two decades now, my longest relationship... We began by passionately falling in love, in Croatia, tried long distance relationship while I was living in Switzerland, with luxurious retreats together. I followed Rhythms to NYC, experimenting with an open relationship... And we are still together now in Netherlands, entering mature relationship, maybe I'm ready to have babies, to pay this love forward.
Wave journey for me is the fastest way to loosen the hold of my mind over my emotional landscapes and my body, to connect with the more authentic core of my being, to experience freedom and ecstasy, and more then anything else to practice practice practice being vulnerable and more real. It's the most efficient way for real me to see and be seen by real you, and I find that the most precious gift I could have asked for in this lifetime.

I want to create safe space and a community that allows all of us to be just who we are, with our lights and shadows, a space where we can take a collective breath and put all our everyday masks to rest.

Finally, I enjoy diving into the immense music treasure and creating sound waves to guide our bodies in all kinds of effortless and intuitive ways!

I am so excited and grateful to share this grand love affair!

Mia Arneric is teacher in training.


phone: 06 242 676 15