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Rian van Duijnhoven •

Arjan Bouw“A Journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”

In 2003 I danced the 5 rhythms for the first time in my life. What touched me the most was that there is no right or wrong in the dance. Dancing the 5 rhythms touches my soul. I feel more authentic in contact with others. I am part of a group and I can see the bigger picture. More and more I become me.

I feel alive, feel my playfulness, happiness, my source, my power. I feel were I move smooth, were I get stuck. I am aware of my senses, know how to be present and feel when I slip into unconsciousness or space out. By dancing I learn to trust my instinct, my body, my breath. I can connect with my inner voice. Dancing teaches me how to connect with my body and mind and to speak or act from my heart. That’s how I find inspiration and become more conscious in everything I do. The dance of life is eternal.

With my whole heart and soul I spend years of training to become a 5 Rhythms teacher. It is a source of inspiration in my life. I am a passionate dancer, certified 5Rhythms Teacher since 2011, trained by Gabrielle Roth and her staff. I am bringing these years of experience and studying in my teachings, with love, compassion and enthusiasm.

I studied human resource management, personal development, careercounseling and meditation and work for more than 20 years as an advisor in healthcare.

You are very welcome to dance 5 rhythms at my classes and explore your dances of life!


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