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Hella Brugts • Golvende dans, golvende stem

Hella Brugts “Dance is moving from here to here with a world of possibility and change in between.” Dance is my lifetime companion. It doesn’t matter if I dance in my living room or in a large room with 80 people. Dance always brings me home; within the boundaries of my own skin, within my own flesh and blood, my own beating heart and breath. Dance awakens me. Helps me to let go of what is unnecessary for that specific moment in time. It brings me to the truth of that moment. There I lay my head; in acceptance, in peace. From this resting point the continuous story of my life unfolds. In gratitude, in love, in joy; regardless the outer circumstances of my life.

The 5Rhythms can hold any life story, from the most heavenly to the most tragic. The Rhythms help you to discover, to heal, to find your bliss. And dancing the 5Rhythms makes sure that you experience a lightness of being, on all levels, along the way.

Voice has the same capacity as dance to discover your truth in the moment. Every dissonance can be heard. In giving it your voice and in letting it go, your tune harmonizes for this specific moment in time.

Dance and voice are great partners. They inspire each other in being authentic. That’s why I invite both of them in my lessons!

I’m an accredited teacher of the 5Rhythms since 2001. I’m grateful for the teachings of my main teachers in the dance; Gabrielle Roth († in 2012), Ya’Acov and Susannah Dharling Khan.


Telephone: 0162 - 74 03 45